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1a. Chronological Resume MS Word
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Industrial Wastewater Resume
Municipal Wastewater Resume
Municipal Water Resume
Industrial-Municipal Water-Waste-Drainage-Reuse-Remediation Resume
Fats Oils and Greases to Biodiesel Energy & Cogeneration of Electricity Resume
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Functional Resume & Project Photos PDF Water Wastewater Focus
Functional Resume & Project Photos MS Word Water Wastewater Focus
Miscellaneous Projects Environmental Remediation Focus


References Brochures Awards Compiled

Southwest Water AMR Commendations

National Pollution Engineering Award Won by my client, US DOE for my Design & Construction/Eco-Sensitive Remediation

Texas Environmental Excellence Award Won by my City for my Waste to Energy and Pollution Prevention Team Initiatives

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  1. Professional Engineer PE Texas since 1999
  2. Emergency Medical Technician, Texas DSHS since 2004
  3. OSHA 40-Hour HAZWOPER (Management of Hazardous Waste Operations) Certified since 1989


  1. Municipal and Industrial Wastewater: (Oil & Gas, Chemical Manufacturing, Food) Wastewater Treatment Plants, Collection System and Lift Stations, Landfill Leachate Pumps: Process Engineering Modeling Design Construction Operations Operator Training and Wastewater Effluent, Biosolids, and Methane Reuse
  2. Water Services: (Groundwater & Surface Water Plant, Distribution System, Pump Stations) Design, Construction, Operations, Operator Training, and Sustainability Engineering with Alternative Water Supply including Bracksish Groundwater and Seawater Desalination
  3. Asset Risk Management: Plant Engineering, Preventive Maintenance, Capital Project Planning (CAPEX)
  4. Storm Water Management: Flood Plain Management, Drainage Hot Spot Studies, Flooding Remediation Design and Construction
  5. City Engineering: Development Engineering, Capital Improvement Programming, and Utility Program Management
  6. Development Engineering: Residential and Commercial Development Designs
  7. SCADA and Wireless: Automatic Meter Reading/Automatic Meter Reading Infrastructure (AMR / AMI) and Water & Wastewater System Manual to SCADA Conversion
  8. Program Management: Life Cycle Asset Management, Condition and Criticality Assessment
  9. Project Funding: Grant Identification and Application for Infrastructure Funding and Grant Administration
  10. Environmental Compliance: Environmental Audits, RI/FS, ROD and Remediation
  11. Patents and Web - Computer Programming: Patent Applications, Interactive Web Design & InfoWorks Sewer Modeling


  1. Water Reuse Technologies for Industrial and Municipal Applications, Annual Reuse Short Course, Texas A&M, October 2013
  2. Tangential Flow Filtration to Enable High Solids Concentration, Improved Process Throughput, Capacity and Cost, Annual Membrane Technologies Short Course, Texas A&M, April 2013
  3. Capping Options for Low-Level Radioactive Material Storage Pile, Waste Management Symposia '93
  4. Streamlining Cleanup Decisions at Filled Coal Ash Pond, Proceedings for the Air and Waste Management National Conference, Nashville, TN (1996)->Project Won the National Pollution Control Engineering Award
  5. Sequestration of Iron in Groundwater by Polyphosphates, AWWA Annual Conference, Cincinnati, OH (1990)->Project Won the AWWA Award for Water Quality
  6. Anoxic Selector Single Stage Nitrification Process, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Annual Water Quality Training, Waco, TX, (2006)
  7. Wastewater: Heavy Metals Removal-Enhancing the Process-Part I & II, Environmental Technology Journal of Advanced Science & Engineering (1999)->Won the Kelly AFB/AFCEE Award for effective team building-technical excellence in key SAIC projects
  8. Activated Sludge Plant Field/Model Capacity Evaluation, Texas AWWA Confí, Austin, TX (2006)
  9. Turning Wastewater Treatment Sludge into Revenue by Bio-transformation (Alternative Bio-Fuel: Methane Generation, Optimization, Electricity Production, and Reuse), Texas AWWA Conference Proceedings, Austin, TX, April 2006/Texas Public Works Association, Mesquite, TX (2006)->Project won the Texas Environmental Excellence Award
  10. Silicate Effects on Iron Colloids in Sequestration, ASCE, National Conference on Environmental Engineering, Washington, DC, (1990)
  11. My TV Presentation During a Water Emergency
  12. 2011 Implementation of a High-Tech Automatic Meter Reading Application in Unprecedented Record Time at Diversified Texas Water Utilities, 15th Annual Energy, Utility & Environmental Conference, Phoenix, AZ (2012)
  13. My Dept. Brochure 1
  14. My Dept. Brochure 2
  15. Tangential Flow Membrane Filtration (TFMF) Applications in Wastewater Reuse plus Brackish Groundwater and High Chloride Surface Water Treatment, 2014 Membrane Technology Conference, AWWA-AMTA, Las Vegas, NV-->PAPER
  16. Tangential Flow Membrane Filtration (TFMF) Applications in Wastewater Reuse plus Brackish Groundwater and High Chloride Surface Water Treatment, 2014 Membrane Technology Conference, AWWA-AMTA, Las Vegas, NV-->POSTER
  17. Activated Sludge Plant Field and Model Evaluation, Texas WET 2007
  18. Brackish Ground and Surface Water Source Treatment to Offset Drought Related Supply Shortages to Food, Dairy, Beverages, and Bioprocessing Industries, Practical Short Course on Membrane & Other Separations: Applications in Food, Dairy, Beverage & Bioprocessing, Texas A&M, April 2014
  19. Causes of Membrane Fouling and Cleaning Protocols to Promote Membrane Longevity, Practical Short Course on Membrane & Other Separations: Applications in Food, Dairy, Beverage & Bioprocessing, Texas A&M, April 2014


To Our Prospective Valuable Clients

Thanks for taking the time to review my resume, references and publications at http://www.prowebserv.com.

I currently live in Houston, TX, and Iím an experienced water, wastewater, storm-water/drainage, and environmental, AMR/AMI remote monitoring: modeling, technology piloting, design, construction and operational optimization engineer.

My experience relates extensively to the municipal and industrial sector in the fields of InfoWorks ICM Modeling, Piloting Technologies, Feasibility Studies, Design-Build, Construction and Operation of Distribution and Collection Systems and Water and Wastewater Plants, Water Sustainability for the Oil and Gas, Municipal and Industrial Sectors, Asset Management and Water Sustainability, TCEQ Water and Wastewater Permits and Compliance Support.

I have received the Texas Environmental Excellence Award for Waste to Energy and Pollution Prevention in Municipal and Industrial Wastewater, and the National Pollution Engineering Award for Eco-sensitive Remediation along with a Kelly AFB Team Award, and AWWA Award for Work in Water Quality.

My project photos/videos/details, references, MS Word Resume, Awards and Publications are noted below:

Feel free to call me at 817-894-1357 or email me at: njchurch@gmail.com if you need additional information so we can exceed your expectations on projects that are most important to you and us.

We are looking forward to working with you as the URS Infrastructure Team on any challenge that you can bring our way.

I have served as an Asset Manager, Design and Construction Manager, Senior Modeler, Technology Research and Development both in the Municipal and Environmental Remediation Industry.

My clients include DoD Air Force Bases, State, local and private agencies.

Daniel Christodoss PhD PE EMT

Senior Municipal and Industrial Engineer

URS I&E Houston, Texas 77042



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