Various kinds of animals and creations living in water, air and the creeping creatures and the birds of the air, do only two things:

1. They reproduce

2. They search for food

All their actions are centered around the above two objectives. Soon after drinking milk a young calf jumps around and plays. It's aim is to digest its food. Also, till the calf grows up, the cow gives its protection but forgets it thereafter. As we look at these, we find that they behave like activated machines. The behavior of a creature which we see today, remained the same earlier and it will remain so in future. There is no change whatsoever. This is accepted by everybody. We can understand one thing from this. They are not created to think and act.

However, man is totally different. His behavior undergoes change everyday. Yesterday he built house in one manner. Today he builds house in another manner and tomorrow he will build it in yet another manner. Through this we can understand that man is capable of rational behavior differentiating between good and evil. In the beginning God made various creatures to pass before this kind of man. However for man, none of them could be a suitable helper. Therefore God made Eve with capacity to think and act like Adam. God made her from one of his ribs and gave her to him. She was found a suitable helper to him. See, we take our friend to a garment shop. Together, we select a garment and buy it. We find this friend to be like-minded and comparable growth. There is yet another kind of friend. If you tell him to come, he comes. If you tell him to stand at the bus stop, he stands there. If you tell him to get into the bus, he obeys. If you tell him to sit in a particular seat, he sits there. He speaks if you tell him to speak and gets down if you say so. He is incapable of doing anything on his own. If we take such a friend along with us, will he make a suitable companion to us? To take him along is no better than taking a stone along with us for company.

God too did not make men like the latter. Had he made like that, man would be like a machine incapable of sinning. However, He can not have fellowship with such a man. Therefore leave out the foolishness of counseling God that He could have created man incapable of sinning. God created man in His own image and likeness having similar characteristics. O man, you are distinguished among all creatures! A small boy can rule over an elephant. But no animal, however big is capable of ruling over a child. The man who is created in the image of God possesses the capacity to think and act independently and acquire knowledge of good things that are liked by his Creator. For example, a man who stands at the terrace of his house has a ladder to come down to the ground. Again he knows that he can reach the ground also by jumping down from there. But he is aware that, if he jumps he will break his bones. Now this man is free to reach the ground by climbing down the ladder or by jumping down from the terrace. Whom can he blame if he chooses to jump down and thereby breaks his legs? similarly the early man chose what was evil, did what was disliked by God and came under His curse.

Man, could you blame God? Many ask that having known beforehand that man would sin like this, why did God create satan? The distance between our wisdom and His wisdom is greater than the distance between the heaven and the earth. Who can understand His wisdom? As we pass by electrical installations, we notice warning signs painted in red. The warning sign may display a symbol of a skull with two bones placed across accompanied by a message, "11 K.V. Danger" written over the symbol. The meaning of the warning sign is that one should not touch it, lest he turns into one as depicted in the symbol! Some man touched it ignoring the warning and died. His friend was pained at his death and asked a question. "Knowing well that someone will die like this, why do they keep these electrical installations?"

There is no difference between this question and the question that why God created satan. To know why God created satan, first one must know God. If one knows Him, it is possible to know His creations. God did not create satan. God created him as an angel. This angel spoiled himself and turned into satan. Till one gains the knowledge of God, he can not understand why God did like this even if it is explained to him in detail. The bible says that he who is in the image of His Creator has perfect knowledge (Col. 3:10). Man sinned and lost the knowledge to know God. Therefore he does not understand anything.

However there is a way to understand! Jesus says, "No one knows the Father (Almighty) except the Son, and he to whom the Son wills to reveal Him (Matt. 11:27). Jesus calls, "Come to Me, all you who truly labor and are heavy laden for not knowing God. You will get rest by being relieved of your burden. Learn and obey my commandments which are light and easy to follow. Then you shall know God and find rest" (Matt. 11:28-30). Rather than considering yourself wise and confusing yourself with all sorts of questions, strive to know God. Come to Jesus for that purpose. We who are His servants, declare Him to you. "Let us know, let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord" (Hos. 6:3).


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