It is very important to read sincerely and search the good Holy Scriptures. We wish to help you in this experience. As this is a large book, we can digest this only in small parts. That is the best method of absorbing the Scriptures. When your heart is hungry, read the bread chapter or when your foot is slippery, read the rock chapter. If you find yourself in a small discord, read the caring chapter. If you face lot of defeats in your struggles against satan, read the victory chapter. To instruct a fresh believer or a yearning soul to read the Scriptures, is like sending a patient into a drugstore to help himself. That will not do! What is needed is a well written prescription by the physician specifying the drugs and the correct dosage. You may find some here and the rest you can find after a small research. They will do you good. After you read one such chapter, you may note the title at the head of the chapter.

Abraham's chapter Gen. 15

Abiding chapter John 15

Addition chapter II Pet. 1

Advice chapter Heb. 13

Agrippa's chapter Acts 26

Anointing chapter Ex. 30

Ark's chapter I Chr. 15

Asa's chapter II Chr. 15

Ascension chapter Acts 1

Atonement chapter Heb. 9

Backslider's chapter Jer. 3

Baptism's chapter Mat. 3

Beautiful chapter Mat. 5

Basic chapters Gen. 1; John 1

Bishop's chapter I Tim. 3

Blessing chapter Deut. 28

Bread chapter John 6

Businessman's chapter Prov. 8

Control chapter Job 29

Contrast chapter Luke 7

Caring chapter I Cor. 13

Cleansing chapter Heb. 12

Christian's psalm Ps. 15

Circumcision chapter Acts 15

Commandment chapter Ex. 20

Coming chapter Isa. 55

Conqueror's chapter Luke 4

Commitment chapter Rom. 12

Correction chapter Isa. 12

Corinthian's chapter Acts 18

Cornelius chapter Acts 10

Creation chapter Gen. 1

Courageous chapter Jos. 1

Crucifixion chapter Mark 15; John 19

Deacon's chapter Acts 6

Deliverance chapter Ps. 18

Duty chapter Ezek. 33

Ephesian's chapter Acts 19

Fasting chapter Isa. 58

Faith chapter Heb. 11

Fearless chapter Isa. 41

Feast chapter Deut. 16

Felix chapter Acts 24

Festus chapter Acts 25

Fiery furnace chapter Dan. 3

Fisherman's chapter Luke 5

Fool's chapter Prov. 26

Gift chapter I Cor. 12

Good shepherd chapter Ps. 23

Golden psalm Ps. 16

Great psalm Ps. 119

Harlot's chapter Prov. 7

Heaven chapter Rev. 21

Helper's chapter Rom. 15

Herod's chapter Acts 12

Holy Spirit's chapter John 16

Household chapter Col. 3

Humility chapter Luke 18

Hypocrite's chapter Mat. 23

Immoderate chapter Prov. 23

John the Baptist's chapter Luke 3

John, Peter's chapter Acts 4

Joyous psalm Ps. 98

Judgment psalm Ps. 149

Knowledge chapter Luke 11

Lame man's chapter Acts 3

Law's chapter Rom. 7

Lazarus' chapter John 11

Life chapter Luke 7

Lion's den chapter Dan. 6

Living water chapter John 4

Loss chapter Luke 15

Love chapter I John 3

Lord's supper chapter I Cor. 11

Macedonia chapter Acts 16

Marriage chapter Acts 5

Marvelous chapter Luke 16

Mercy psalm Ps. 136

Mesiah's psalm Ps. 110

Minister's chapter Ezek. 34

Moralist's psalm Ps. 14

Moses chapter Deut. 15

Mother's chapter

Nativity chapter Luke 2

New Birth chapter John 3

Sacrifice chapter Num. 15

New name and

victory chapter Rev. 2-3

Passover chapter Deut. 12

Paul's chapter Acts 21

Peace and promise chapter John 14

Pentecost chapter Acts 2

Philip's chapter Acts 8

Poor man's chapter Luke 14

Prison chapter Acts 23

Prayer for remission of

sins and confession chapter Ps. 51

Preacher's chapter Isa. 61

Prayer chapter John 17

Professor's chapter Luke 12

Purification chapter Num. 19

Question chapter Luke 20

Redemption chapter Luke 23

Shelter chapter Ps. 46

Set free chapter Deut. 15

Repentance chapter Luke 13

Renewal chapter Mica 4

Resurrection chapter I Cor. 15

Rest chapter Heb. 4

Rich man's chapter Luke 16

Rock chapter Deut. 32

Sorrow chapter Luke 22

Safety psalm Ps. 91

Scoundrel's psalm Ps. 10

Saul of Tarsus chapter Acts 9

Savior's chapter Mat. 15

Suggestion chapter Prov. 1

Second coming of Christ

chapter II Pet. 3

Searching chapter Amos 5

Separation chapter II Cor. 6

Service chapter Luke 10

Shepherd chapter John 10

Shipwreck chapter Acts 27

Sinner's chapter Luke 10

Song chapter Luke 1

Soul saving psalm Ps. 26

Soldier's chapter Eph. 6

Sower's chapter Luke 8

Sufferer's chapter Isa. 53

Stephen's chapter Acts 7

Strengthening psalm Ps. 20

Teacher's chapter Luke 6

Tithe chapter Mal. 3

Today's chapter Heb. 3

Traveler's psalm Ps. 121

Strength and vigor for

the body chapter Ps. 27

Triumph chapter Rom. 8

Victorious chapter Phil. 4

Vow chapter Num. 30

Vigilante's chapter Luke 12

Wife's chapter Prov. 31

Wisdom chapter Prov. 15

Work chapter Jam. 2

New church and

new light chapter Rev. 22

The above names are not exclusive. If you find better names you are free to call them so. Do likewise in your general Bible reading. Learn to put the gist of the matter of an entire chapter in a single word or a single sentence.

Bible Histories

1. Garden of Aden Gen. 2-3

2. Cain and Abel Gen. 4

3. Noah's ark Gen. 6-8

4. Sodom's peril Gen. 18

5. Isaac on the alter Gen. 22

6. Joseph's history Gen. 37, 39, 47

7. Baby in the Box Ex. 2

8. The crossing-over of Red sea Ex. 14

9. Two spies Jos. 2

10. Jericho's fall Jos. 8

11. Capture of Ay Josh. 7-8

12. Judge Gideon

13. Samson's history

14. Moabite woman Ruth Ruth

15. Lad Samuel I Sam. 1-3

16. Jonathan and arms-bearer I Sam. 14

17. David and giant I Sam. 17

18. Death of a disobedient prophet I King 13

19. Prophet Elijah I King 17:19-21;

II King 1-2

20. Prophet Elisha I King 19:21;

II King 2-8

21. Jewish virgin II Kings 5

22. Wicked mother I Kings 2

23. Queen Esther Esther

24. A modest group Jer. 35

25. Officer Daniel Dan. 1-7

26. Lion's den Dan. 6

27. Birth of Jesus Mat. 2; Luke 2

28. Jesus Christ tempted Mat. 4

29. Through the rooftop Mark 2

30. A little girl raised to life Mark 5

31. Jesus walking on the sea Mat. 14

32. John the Baptist beheaded Mark 6

33. Good Samaritan Luke 10

34. Son Luke 15

35. Lazarus and the rich man Luke 16

36. Jesus at a wedding John 2

37. A woman at the well John 4

38. A blind regained vision John 9

39. A dead man raised to life John 11

40. The last days of Jesus Mat. 26-27

41. The resurrection of Jesus John 20

42. Death for a lie Acts 5

43. Saul's conversion Acts 9

44. Cornelius' conversion Acts 10

45. Released from prison Acts 12

46. Prisoner repents Acts 16

47. Paul's shipwreck Acts 27-28

48. Heaven Rev. 21-22

Read your Bible

Read your Bible which contains the thought of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the end of the righteous man and that of the wicked. Its teachings are holy. Its leading is controllable by covenants. Its histories are true. Its judgments are irreversible. One should read this in order to become wise. One should believe this in order to be just. One should practice this to become holy. This contains light to lead you on, food to strengthen you and solace to comfort you.

This is a traveler's map, a pilgrim's cane, a pilot's compass, a soldier's sword and Christian's discipline. Here the paradise is brought to its former state. The heaven is opened. The doors of hell are laid bare. Its central theme is Christ. Its model is good for us. The glory of God is its end. It should fill our mind, rule our heart and lead our feet. You should often read this slowly and prayerfully. This is a mine of treasure, the glory of paradise and the river of joy. This has been given in your life and will be opened on the judgment day and it will be remembered eternally. It prays to God for a noble responsibility. Great labor is rewarded. This holds them guilty who disregard its holy content. Love the Bible and read it carefully! Meditate it!!


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