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Need, Need! Everywhere there is need; even for him that has enough, still there is need for him and he yearns to have more and more. It is a worry for him who doesn't have, because of his want. It is rare to see a person who doesn't need anything in this world. Though a person has wealth, houses, lands, wife and children, he needs good health. Though he has all these things, he doesn't have peace at all. He is worried because his desires have not been fulfilled. The whole earth is perplexed. Kingdoms are troubled. Man has learned to pomp and show. Everywhere there is corruption, adulterations, and outrages. The whole world is in fear. Every man, every family, every community, and every nation know what their need is. Even you may have a lot of needs. The sick needs a physician (Mt 9:12).

The cause for all these things is sin. Suffering, curse and disease evolved in this world because of sins. God created all things and saw everything is good. There was joy, gladness, satisfaction and security; there was communion. But when man said, I do not need God, disobedience entered into the world and disobedience caused sin. Sin brought curse and want in the world. Man began to worry. He is still worrying. He could not get remedy for all things. The little consolation he gets now and then is illusory like a mirage. He tries to satisfy himself in many ways, but he doesn't have the real peace. Not understanding the main and important need is the cause for all these confusions; man is wandering in search of outward things, but his soul doesn't have rest. A scriptural verse says "All labor of man is for his mouth, and yet the appetite is not filled" (Ecclesiastes 6:7).

Our mind (soul) needs a permanent satisfaction. This satisfaction is a God-given grace (gift).  When our soul is satisfied then we know that all our needs have been met, and we will get all that we need. There is a person that can give you all that you need. He is the TRUE GOD. He is the only person that can meet your needs. We would like to introduce Him to you. He is very good as well as powerful. He never tells lies. He has given His own life for you. Don't you need this person?

Even though you have no need of everything else in this world, you need Him. You need JESUS CHRIST. He is the God who came into the world searching for you. He is the only true Savior. No one else can satisfy you but only He can satisfy you. He alone can give you peace in this world and in the world to come. Come unto Him for He is calling you.

"Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden and I (Jesus Christ) will give you rest" (Mt 11:28; Jn 14:27).

Don't you need this Jesus Christ? If you deny to have food, water, and air, you will become weak, diseased and finally die. Likewise if you refuse to have Jesus Christ, you will sin, be in want, faint and die. This death will put you in the hell fire. The wages of sin is death (hell). You need Jesus Christ, only Jesus Christ! Believe Him! Come let us all be glad.



Need for you (Eng) Tract No. 3. NJC6/87.

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