Some of the divine ministries being performed by the church are given below:

1. The ministry of raising and building new, new churches (branches).
Church building ministry is taking place that people may glorify God.

2. The Lord’s servants are being sent to new, new places for performing missionary work.

3. God’s servants are being called, trained, prepared and appointed in different
places to be pastors (shepherds) to lead the church.

4. Periodically elders (ministers) conferences are scheduled annually or as the Lord
leads to meet and to learn more about God, understand things pertaining to the church, and to be established and prepared in all things.

5. Literature work is in progress through the publication of "Puthiya Yerusalem Cheithi" (Tamil Magazine) and New Jerusalem News (English Magazine). Tracts are also being printed and distributed.

6. New Jerusalem News 7 year souvenir is being published periodically.

7. Work is in progress to release the 30-year souvenir.

8. Orphanage: New Jerusalem Church orphanage is helping orphan children that do not have any parents, and poverty stricken children (poor children whose parents do not have the strength and resources) by providing food, clothing, shelter, education, all free of any cost to teach them, raise them up, lead them to salvation and establish them in life.

9. Tribal people are being ministered to and provided with education and knowledge so they can learn to live a civilized life with understanding. The church is ministering to them to lead them to salvation.

10. Lands are being purchased in different places and work is in progress to build churches and glorify God.

11.Through the Internet ministry, over 100 nations are hearing about God, the church and the truth through our online text, audio and video broadcasts.

12. Required messages are being released through audio-cassettes.

13. Educational assistance is being provided to poor children.

14. The poor are being helped as needed to establish them in their life, and enable them to stand steadfast in Christ.

15. Gospel Ministry: Open air meetings are being held to propagate God’s message, and elders are going house to house to teach Christ, pray and perform these ministries.

16. Conventions are being held whenever God directs to proclaim God and His will to the world through the church.

17.In our church branches, many people with chronic diseases are being healed and whenever called, the church visits the sick, prays and performs miracles and divine healing ministries.

18. Sunday Class: Every Sunday, through Sunday Class ministries, children are being built spiritually by the church.

19. Prayer groups are being formed and prayer is being made for prayer requests, not only for the Christians, for also for non-Christians who request prayer.

20. Letter Ministry: Response letters are being sent and prayer is being made for people who write to us from all over the world.

21. Through Internet Email, prayer is being made for prayer requests, responses are being provided to questions, clarifications are being given to clear any doubts, and replies are being sent.

22. Chief Apostle: Prayer ministry is being performed effectively that God’s plan will be fulfilled on earth, the enemy will be defeated, and God’s children will be gathered together and prepared for the second coming of Christ.

Our Needs In Performing God’s Ministries

1. Since numerous elders are needed for the ministry, in order to provide adequate training to these elders and to equip them, a Bible College needs to be started.

2. A large quantity of financial resources are needed to purchase lands in different places and build churches, raise new churches, provide for and protect elders (ministers) and their families.

3. We feel the urgency to speedily propagate and advance the work of the church all over the world.

4. For literature work (evangelism), Offset Printing Press is needed.

5. We need to send abroad all over the world representatives to raise up the church, and broadcast about the church and Christianity.

May God Bless You!
This article was published by Chief Pastor N. Lazar, New Jerusalem Church

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