Christianity presents Jesus Christ the Only Way the Truth and the Life who said no man cometh unto the Father but by me.  Jesus Christ is the only true God of all people including hindus, muslims, buddhists, atheists and Christians.  He is the second person in the Blessed Trinity, the Son of God.  When Jesus was on this earth, God the Father spoke to Him like Thunder and all people heard God the Father.  The Holy Spirit the third person in the Blessed Trinity came upon Jesus as a dove when He was baptised.  Jesus Christ is the only true Almighty God, the disciples worshipped Him.  He is the only one who rose from the dead.  All others whether prophet, deity, or so called Gods are dead in the grave

There is no other name under heaven other than Jesus Christ the only True God and Eternal Life.  This is the focus of Christianity and the Eternal Truth.  Jesus said Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my words never shall perish.  Call jesus now as Jesus Calls you to a supernatural life in unison with Jesus Christ for Eternity.  Call Jesus, the answer is here!

Ninte Shehavakkukal J.V. Peter Malayalam Song by Dr. Christodoss, USA, in Tamil Unthan Nesa Vakkukal mp3


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