(Rev 21:2) (Rev 3:12) (Heb 12:22) (Gal 4:26) (John 10:16)
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BLESSED CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR! CELEBRATE JESUS CHRIST! How would you like someone to celebrate your birthday without You?! PUT JESUS BACK INTO CHRISTMAS!

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(Rev 21:2) | (Rev 3:12) | (Heb 12:22) | (Gal 4:26) | (John 10:16) [ 7 doctrines & 7 reasons for church and 22 ministries


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:CLICK here for photos and news report on how hindu fanatics attacked our pastors and tried to burn them alive while Jesus Christ saved these Indian Christian Missionaries by His Power from the madness of barbaric uncivilized demon possessed hindu terrorists.  These hindu terrorists need to be tried in Indian and International Courts and banned by the US as a terror organization.  They recently burned an Australian Missionary alive with his son in his car while ministering the love of Jesus to the lepers.  All Western Countries need to stop funds to India unless senseless attacks on Christians who preach the good news of Jesus Christ is stopped by the Indian Government

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I saw Jesus Christ! Warning from Gods Throne to all Christian Believers. Rapture is Imminent!. Jesus Christ is coming soon. Watch this Movie. Listen to this Testimony in PC and Pocket PC Mobile Friendly Video. Get prepared for the greatest event in history, the second coming of our heavenly bridegroom. Listen to Sermon Counsel Love Song, New Jerusalem Church USA Sunday Sermon 2012 Click-Play to Watch Video Online" (John 3:30) (Gal 2:20) (1 Pet 5:3) (Mark 12:40) (Rev 1:6)

He can be your Bridegroom or Judge. God is no respector or persons. You who preach financial prosperity and possession of property much more than spiritual prosperity and possession with Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, you who will not pray or enquire the welfare of those who do not give you money, do not rob God's children with your covetousness and Void His Grace with your life of disgrace, but trust in the All Sufficient Christ, Jehovah Jireh who will provide all your need instead of pressing God's children to give you their hard earned savings. Yes, tithing is important, but it is toward the Lord and should be done willingly, for God loves a cheerful giver. It is better to give than receive. Follow the example of the true Shepherd who gave His life and the last drop of blood with water flushed out for all of our sins so we all can be Kings and Priests unto God. Do not act like a Lord or a King over God's heritage but be examples to the flock. Promote Jesus Christ, not yourself, even as John the Baptist said, Jesus must increase, but I must decrease. Get the "I" bent into a "0" by being crucified with Christ. Jesus Loves You but Hates the Sin. Repent from your sins, fall prostrate before the King of Kings, and yield your future to Him and His Spiritual Riches! All Universe Worships Him Crying "Holy, Holy, Holy". Whoever you are, do not be deceived thinking your title or the signs and wonders you performed in Jesus Christ's Name will protect you from the consequences of your open and secret sins, and make you immune like the Scribes, Pharisees, Saducees and Annas and Caiaphas the Jewish High Priests. No one may know, but be assured for God knows your secret motive, inner thoughts, and counsel against God's children, yourself-the Temple of the Holy Ghost and against God-Christ. Come to the mercy seat today and receive grace. Do not deceive yourself like the Jews who rejected Jesus did thinking they are the children of Abraham, part of a famous denomination or know a great person. We will give account to the King of Kings for every thought, word and action and face the consequences unless we confess our sins and and cover ourselves with the Blood of Jesus Christ, the Only Way, the Only Truth, the Only Life and the Only Eternal Hope for All of us, and be filled and led by His Holy Spirit

(Rev 21:2) (Ps 139:23) (Is 55:7) (Jer 4:14) (Mat 15:19) (Heb 4:12) (Rom 2:16) (Rev 20:4) (1 Pet 2:9) (Heb 12:14) The Lord Showed an army of angels around our family protecting us. Next an angel appeared in the sky. See Angel Photo

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